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Kariba Thermoglaze

Double Glazing for Doors and Windows

Kariba Thermoglaze is an extremely durable, high strength panel designed specifically for double glazing. These light weight panels for double glazing of doors and walls are also ideal for conservatories, conservatory panels and conservatory roofs. Applications for Thermoglaze in industry are waterproof food preparation areas, hygienic cladding, cool rooms and for commercial partitioning.

The Ideal Insulation Panel for all Double Glazing Applications

Thermoglaze Double glazing

Thermoglaze Double glazing diagram

Double Glazing Panels Composition

Kariba Thermoglaze is constructed by encasing a rigid foam polyurethane sheet within a specially formulated unsaturated polyester resin, fibreglass matting and a gelcoat finish to the colour of your choice from 7 standard colours. The complete laminate is vacuumed to form a bonded panel noted for its strength, durability and stylish finish.

Double Glazing Panels Colours Standard Colours

Thermoglaze Double glazing colours

Special Colours

Other powder coat colours available for these double glazing panels. Consult with us.

Thermoglaze Double glazing properties

Double Glazing Panels After Care

To maintain the double glazing panels original pristine appearance, a regular wash with warm water and detergent is recommended. In outdoor applications of these double glazing panels an occasional polish with an ordinary car polish will protect the panels from the effects of UV and ensure the original colour and gloss is retained. KARIBA Guaranteed to Perform - Guaranteed to Last.

Double Glazing Panels

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